#Cpt Hackathon – Free


Hack is not a four letter word
Have fun with like-minded people
Network and meet new people
Experiment, play & hack with new technologies
Work on problems related to city Cape Town
What we want to do:

Lightning talks on new technologies, followed by in-depth workshops that go into detail
Getting setup in the cloud
Mobile app development
Web app development
Using USSD
Aggregating social data
Mining data for insight
Speaker sessions that talk about problems and solutions each city faces
Open Data Sources
Data from scraping
Using relevant social data
Give developers space to work on MVC Proof of Concept
Can be their own app if they want to
Can be collaboratively on shared code base
Should solve a small problem in an elegant way, to illustrate what can be accomplished in a Hackathon
Opportunity for developers to showcase their work at Tech4Africa in October
Developer workshops to demo their solutions
Give developers opportunity to pitch solutions to Cities
What could developers work on:

Cloud infrastructure
Txt based input for datastore; could use: http://www.praekelt.com/vumi.html
Caching to abstract read/writes
Data input using social channels
Webapp for desktop viewing
Mapping data
Mobile optimised site for mobile site viewing (responsive best)
Mobile app (Android / iOS) for data push to datastore
Reporting tools
DevOps / sysadmin
This is a free event for all…

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