GDG Wits Web App Development Hackathon

In a scrum fashion, all participants will take part in the design, development and deployment of a real-life system that will be used all over the world. It will be a web application to develop using Google App Engine and Java. App Engine will serve as a back-end to store some info about some stuff. We will use an Android app and a HTML5 webapp (for desktop, mobile, tablet) as frontends. We will implement functionnalities using some of the Google APIs such as Maps API, Google+ API, Search API, OAuth, Analytics APIs etc..
We will first have a brief talk on Scrum methodology by Candice and Mark (From driven software, then they will serve as Scrum Master for the development of the application.
We will split into teams. Each team will have a specific task to do, and by the end of the day, the whole system must be done. Scrum masters will choose the best team who “might” be rewarded.
We’re all going to share knowledge and learn from each other in a friendly environment. It’s gonna be fun.
Coffee will be available during the event and Launch will be offered at 01:00 pm. A lot of surprises are in stock for participants!!!
Registration is not compulsory but will help us plan for the appropriate size of the group. Register here See you there!!!!

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