#ImvelisiJustHack: greening the future with innovation, collaboration and youth-driven action

#ImvelisiJustHack: greening the future with innovation, collaboration and youth-driven action

In the age of rapid global digitally-enabled 4IR innovation underpinned by unprecedented advances in technology the Earth, and with it, humanity face their biggest challenges yet. iMvelisi Enviropreneurs a partnership between GreenMatter (GM) and the South African Young Water Professionals (YWP-ZA), is at the forefront of envisioning collective solutions that will meet these challenges.

From 22 July – 24 July 2022 iMvelisi Enviropreneurs will host the iMvelisi Just Transition Knowledge Exchange and Hackathon: Pathways to A Just Transition in the Era of the 4th Industrial Revolution (#ImvelisiJustHack) at The Business Clinic, in Newtown, Johannesburg. This initiative marks iMvelisi’s 7th anniversary and pays homage to Mandela month.

With greening the economy and just transition at its heart, #ImvelisiJustHack is a collective intervention aimed at seizing opportunities that can play a vital role in building a sustainable and inclusive future for all. Just transition ensures that greening the economy is done in a responsible, well-rounded and inclusive way that focuses on the overall impact on the planet, economy and the people and not just bottom line.

By equipping enviropreneurs with knowledge, skills, tools and resources to develop their water, biodiversity and environmental start-up businesses, iMvelisi is facilitating far reaching innovative solutions that can mitigate environmental risks and disasters such as the Durban floods early this year.

The #ImvelisiJustHack was developed by iMvelisi, in collaboration with UNICEF, YOMA, UNDP, UNEP, DSI, TIA, the Swiss Embassy, UN PAGE, and others supported by ICRD Group and Geekulcha. This initiative brings together like-minded people ranging from programmers, scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, community leaders, cultural creatives, thought and practice leaders, to develop forward- thinking ideas and solutions in addressing Just Transition and the future of work.

Part of the iMvelisi Enviropreneurs Programme, the #ImvelisiJustHack is the ideation phase of a business development intervention designed for aspiring young entrepreneurs and innovators in the green economy. This programme focuses on the water and biodiversity sectors in particular; and the green economy in general. Since its inception Imvelisi Bootcamps have been generously supported by the Department of Science and Innovation (DSI) and other key sector stakeholders. This sector specific programme equips aspiring young enviropreneurs with knowledge, skills and resources to develop their green business ideas.

Over a three-day programme, participants will engage in knowledge building and dialogue. The teams will then be challenged to develop web applications, electronics systems and data visualizations, making use of open source data. Teams will be exposed to design thinking workshops and will have mentors supporting their efforts. Teams will be given the opportunity to present their final pitch on the last day of the event. Top solutions developed during the hackathon will win awesome prizes, courtesy of iMvelisi partners. Moreover, the most innovative solutions will be entered into the global Generation Unlimited Challenge where they will stand a chance of representing South Africa abroad and accessing additional funding opportunities.

“The #ImvelisiJustHack is youth driven, innovative and game changing. By collaborating to mitigate risks, seize opportunities, as well as capacitate and exploit our youth’s intellectual capital, we can create a sustainable 4IR-Enabled future for people in South Africa and beyond, “states Lucky Litelu, Imvelisi Enviropreneurs Lead.

The importance of such actions cannot be understated in the face of a rapidly changing innovation landscape, the disruption of many traditional markets and the mounting scientific consensus that Earth’s systems are under unprecedented stress. Foresight, public policies, technological governance and partnerships between civil society, academia and the public and private sectors are needed to avoid or minimise unintended consequences and protect public interests. Collective action towards mitigating these risks in a fair, inclusive way by governments, business and society is vital. Support and partnerships such as iMvelisi Enviropreneurs Programme are critical to unlock and scale innovation on emerging and potentially game-changing technologies and solutions for people and the planet.

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