Women Hackers Unite

Hosted by the Cortex Hub, the 72-hour first WomenHackersUnite Hackathon takes place from 25 – 27 August at the Industrial Development Zone in East London. Teams comprising of 2 – 5 women and individual registrations will compete to solving humanity problems specifically problems affecting women through technology. The goal of this annual initiative is to encourage more women to become interested in, and play an active role in the creation of technology solutions while at the same time closing the gender gap in the technology sector.

The objective of the hackathon is to come up with solutions to women’s challenges and or opportunities. These could be child development solutions, women’s health, women’s work life balance, rural women’s solutions, women in business solutions, women scientist.
Hackathon will run for 72 hours (24 hours prep work) and 48 hours of hacking
There’s also a grand prize of R150 000 for the winner/s.
A chance to win an iPhone 6 for the lady who uploads their outfit for best dressed outfit, using the FashionFreax application.
For any queries:

Tel: 0873577004

Email: info@womenhackersunite.com

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