WordPress Charity Hackathon

WordPress is about more than just code. It’s a community. And, like any good community, we are one that gives back. In that spirit, we are proud to announce the first Do Action: WordPress Charity Hackathon.

The idea is simple – as a community we will spend one day building brand new WordPress sites for 10 deserving charities that are based in Cape Town. We will start and complete every site on the same day and, at the end of it, the 10 charities will each have an awesome new online presence so that they can get on with what they do best.

This is not just for developers – each site has a unique set of roles that are required for it from project managers to developers, designers, content creators and social media managers. Check out the event page for more information about the charities as well as the opportunity to apply for a position on one of the teams.

Let’s show the world what the WordPress community is all about – let’s get into action!

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